Configuring your reports to suit your own requirements is always preferable to following a report format created by someone else. Our Report writer system has DTP-like simplicity and allows you to adjust your reports or create new reports to match the requirements of any department.

You can download your reports to a spreadsheet or word processor. By setting your own filters on the data and selecting the information you want, you can print reports featuring just the data you require and have the option of including various calculations such as totalling and averaging records

Choose from hundreds of Reports

Create new Reports

Print to text files, Spreadsheets

Modify existing reports

Include Graphics and Colour in Reports

Reports shaped for your business

A printer will know that it’s all in the presentation!   If a document doesn’t read well and it doesn’t look professional, it just isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.  EZY Printcost’s powerful report writing module can gather together information from any part of the system, make comparisons between the data, and present it in any form you wish.  The system has DTP-like simplicity allowing you to create and adjust your reports to any format

Product information

Quote letter generated automatically

Once a job has been created a quote letter is automatically generated with options to download to Word, create pdfs or e-mail the quote directly from the system.  When the job is saved the quote letter is printed – no need to go to a report writer, no need to load Word.  Quote letters are professional designed and can integrate corporate styles and logos.

Monthly reporting

EZY Printcost offers you the choice of hundreds of report formats.  Backed up by the option to either modify an existing report or to create one from scratch, businesses can be assured that their reports fit their exact requirements.  All reports can be printed, saved to pdf or html, and then e-mailed automatically.  Reports can also be saved to most formats.

Track jobs in seconds

EZY Printcost enables you to find any record in seconds.  Searches can be made on dates, individual words, descriptions, or any other defining criteria.  Once the record has been found, you are able to print reports, export the data or e-mail in an instant.