Stay on top of the inplant printing business

Management information is the life-blood of the decision making process.  It allows you to monitor the performance of everything and everyone within your organisation; it helps you define your business strategy; and it gives you everything you need to provide a keenly but profitably priced service or product.  With EZY Printcost that management information is at your fingertips, presented in whichever format will suit your requirements – ready to justify the future of your inplant printing business.

Product information

Justify your future

Efficiency and relevance are key to a successful future.  Modern equipment, skilled staff, up-to-date technology all contribute to that success, but also cost money.  With EZY Printcost, all the information you need can be gathered together, in a format that suits the recipient, to justify that upgrade or that new member of staff.

Performance indicators

EZY Printcost features powerful performance indicators that pinpoint problems before they arise. You can view the number of jobs completed on time against those that were delayed; analyse the number of jobs that were costed as estimated costs, versus jobs that may have lost money; and take steps to prevent them happening again.

Analyse work by machine or staff member

With EZY Printcost you can view the work completed on any machine by any member of staff.  Reports with all this information can be made available to aid decisions on new plant equipment or additional members of staff.

Track outsourcing

Outsourcing only works if it saves you money and time.  With EZY Printcost, the information needed to make a decision on outsourcing is just a keystroke away.