EZY Printcost gets every estimate right

A quick, accurate estimate is always your best sales tool. The faster the quote goes out, the faster the order comes in.

EZY Printcost estimating software finds the best price for the job by testing it on alternative machines, papers and processes – and lets you to give the client alternative options.

You can select from any numbers of letter styles and text options, making it easy for the customer to decide and accept your quote. You can quote for up to 30 quantities on a single estimate.

Ensures accurate, consistent pricing every time

Quote on multiple options and Quantities

Create estimates in seconds

Consistent, accurate estimating

Quick accurate estimating

A quick, accurate estimate is always your best sales tool.  The faster the quote goes out, the faster the order comes in.  EZY Printcost has been designed to do just that, to provide professionally presented accurate quotes at the touch of a button. 

The real value of EZY Printcost is the simple way it has been designed to carry out the most vital and complicated of tasks.  What was once a time-consuming labour-intensive burden, prone to human error, now can be a simple effortless task where automation has improved effectiveness, reliability and ease-of-use.  And it really is all possible at the touch of a button.

Sound pricing practices are the key

Sound estimating and pricing practices are essential to the success of all printing organisations.  Timely and accurate responses not only impact upon the number and quality of your customers, but also upon your ability to forecast material requirements, labour and equipment resources, production schedules and costs.  Sound estimating practices play a pivotal role between the money coming in to an organisation and the money going out.

Straightforward, easy-to-use software

With EZY Printcost all screens and entry fields have been standardised to follow an easy to recognise layout; menus are logical and intuitive; features are simple to understand; and very little training is required to become a confident qualified user.  It all just makes sense!

Templates for quick job entry

The use of standard templates allow obscure print orders to be entered in seconds.  Templates can be setup to hold any amount or complexity of information, then accessed and altered by the user via the traditional job entry module.  Copying an existing job is also possible, even if it was completed months or even years previously.  EZY Printcost simply copies the job and recalculates at today’s rates.

EZY Printcost also holds list of presses and their associated charges.  If you select a particular press for a job, it automatically includes set up time, set up charges, washups and wastage, even the cost of plates and negatives.  No need to individually select each associated cost.

Price lists with up to 60 prices per product

Standard or detailed price lists can be created in minutes and accessed in seconds.  Simply select your criteria and add the cost to the matrix price.  All pricing variations can be researched allowing you to offer the cheapest option to your customer, using the most cost-effective route for your bottom line.