Use EZY Printcost Order Processing software to view or modify orders, with options available to view the current status and sales of the job in question, and to automatically invoice the jobs at any stage. The system can be set up to allow multiple jobs per invoice, or a separate invoice per job on a per customer basis

You can check the jobs prior to invoicing and correct any errors that may have delayed payment. Orders can be split into multiple parts with each part billed to a different client. Or you can compare the estimated prices to the actual prices prior to invoicing

Automatically Invoice Orders

Track Orders

Set the Price to Invoice a job

View Order Values

View job costing and Status

Keeping a tight rein on orders

Clever order processing is the key to efficient print management. Without a process in place orders can be lost, delivery times missed and invoices left outstanding – a disaster for any inplant printing facility trying to justify its presence. With EZY Printcost Order Processing software you can keep track of every order, view or modify jobs, compare estimated against actual prices, in fact you can perform all the vital tasks associated with efficient order processing. It really is that easy!

Product information

Get jobs into production faster

When entering the details of an order, a job bag is automatically created.  A job bag contains all the latest and relevant information for that order, the details of which can be made available on-line to all personnel involved in its production.  Changes to specifications can be made swiftly to avoid delays and ensure that the order is completed on time and to budget.

Easy to read job tickets

EZY Printcost allows you to choose from a wide variety of job bag layouts printed on a single sheet.  Colour printing can be used to highlight important elements of the job bag.  If a department has designed a layout that already works well them, a similar report can be created by you or by our programmers