Keep every cost in line with your estimate

Efficient use of costing data. The value of job costing isn’t just about gathering information, it’s also about how effectively you use it.  If you cannot provide a price that is attractive to the customer, your business will fail.  Equally, if you cannot provide a price that is attractive to your bottom line, you won’t have a business!

EZY Printcost Job Costing software puts the information at your fingertips and helps with the decision making process.  It highlights irregularities, prompts you with information and creates an efficient environment in which to grow your business.

The value of job costing isn't just in gathering information but in using it efficiently, without having to tie up management time in reams of paperwork. EZY Printcost Job Costing software gathers the data simply and effectively, highlighting any irregularities and pinpointing problem areas well before they would normally be spotted

Modules are available to suit any printer, from the smallest quick-print shop to the largest commercial plants. Options range from a simple ‘job completed' facility to full timekeeping and wastage control

Compare Estimated to Actual

Monitor Machine and Staff Performance

Quick, easy to use time sheet entry

Purchase, monitor and cost Outsourcing

Product information

Gather costing information

EZY Printcost gathers data simply and effectively giving you all the tools necessary to create the right price for your customer, and the right price for your business.  Time that was previously spent on estimating and administration can now be channelled into creating new business and following up old leads.

Add items to a job in time sheets

EZY Printcost’s Job Costing module allows you to enter information to the job bag at a later date, perhaps as you enter the time sheets.  These late entries will automatically appear on the original order so that any future repeats of the job will include all relevant data.