Are you doing the best that you can?

When your in plant print facility doesn’t have the right tools, it certainly can’t do the job as well as it could.

That means you’ll be losing money as well as time.

Because you’re in competition with bigger printing plants, your in plant print facility needs to have high performance printing technology at your fingertips.

And that’s where EZY Printcost can make your life easier.

• Reduce wasted paper
• Increase efficiency
• Get more done in the same amount of time
• Make customers happy

But that’s not all that EZY Printcost can do for you.

Find out how you can save one staff member’s salary by using this software package.

EZY Printcost modules

With EZY Printcost Printcost software – the only management software specifically catering for the needs of the in-plant print shop – you can enter an order in seconds. Customised fields allow you to enter your budget code and cost centres, so ensuring that the jobs will be recharged correctly – to the right departments and on time – at month end. Jobs can be billed to any number of individual cost centres

Re-charge jobs automatically

Specific budget codes

Compile monthly finance reports

Links to Finance systems

Instant print to enter jobs in seconds

Specific routines for high -speed copiers


Order processing

Instant print


Stock management

Job costing

Invoicing & Recharge

Report Writer

Inplant Print Management


Production control

Accounts link

Price lists

Form management

Order Tracking

Why Should You Choose EZY Printcost for in plant printers?

• Recharge jobs directly to finance departments
• Fewer errors
• Justify the need to buy new machinery
• Customers can create orders online
• Easy to learn and use
• Quick data entry capability
• Creates a professional image
• Reduces staff costs
• Controls spending of customers
• Eliminates need for re-keying information
• Electronic invoicing• Eliminates need for re-keying information

EZY Printcost – streamline your estimating process and secure the future

We know the print business back-to-front, because we’ve worked in the industry ourselves.  We’re familiar with how a job evolves, how work would typically flow through a print business and where it needs to flow smoother.  We also understand why providing an efficient and cost-effective service is crucial to the impending future of any in-house printing facility.

At EZY Printcost we’ve taken that knowledge and provided the inplant printing function with a simple yet comprehensive estimating and business management software system.  Every aspect of the production process, from estimates and printing through to delivery and accounting are now seamlessly integrated functions, in one easy-to-use software system. 

Designed to revolutionise efficiency, EZY Printcost speeds up the repetitive but critical task of job estimating, it simplifies the complexities of accurate stock management and it maximises the productivity of the final billing process.  It addresses those areas of print management that are complex, time consuming and labour intensive.  It offers :

Consistent, accurate pricing
• Repeat ordering in seconds
• Accurate job tracking, status reporting and performance monitoring
• Inplant re-charging by department, project code, etc
• Flexibility to cope with internal and external orders
• Full stock management with prompting on materials
• Improved response times
• A customised solution, however unique your set-up

With EZY Printcost on site, your print room will benefit from improved time management, less machine down-time, reduced costs, maximised productivity and above all, an impressive future!

Running a competitive and efficient printing department has never been easier than with EZY Printcost’s estimating and business management software system.  The days of being an operating overhead are over.  Now your future is sealed as a viable and irreplaceable corporate service!