Time is money, and you are probably spending most of it on estimating and administration. Efficiency in the office and factory will be greatly improved, allowing for time to create new business and follow up old leads.

EZY Printcost will handle all your Estimating, send Quote Letters, Job Bags and manage your Stocks. It will maintain a sophisticated schedule and run your Invoices whilst producing regular management reports on all aspects of the business.

With the ability to compare running times and prices over various Machines and Paper stocks.

Increased efficiency

Access information quickly

More professional image

Save time and money

Reduce percentage of lost Quotes

Standard Templates Make Your Job Entries Easy And Quick

EZY Printcost’s standard templates allow your complex print orders to be entered in seconds. You can set your templates to accept and hold any type and amount of vital information. Your template can be accessed and altered at any time using the traditional job entry…

Customised Price Lists Ensure Your Clients Always Get Your Best Price

Create your standard or detailed price lists in minutes and access them instantly. You can enter up to 60 prices per product! Just select your criteria and add the cost to the matrix price. All pricing variations can be researched allowing you to offer your client…

Easily Manage Your Print Jobs Across Several Departments

With EZY Printcost, your pre-press department can initiate a print estimate that can be added to at a later date by your print shop. Create and manage your entire print job, whether it is being run on different machines, using different paper types or techniques!….

SAllocate Specific Job-Related Rates

Give your valued customers a discount or your unique jobs a better rate. Simply add amounts to your print quotes manually, or create a list of rates from which a choice can be made.

Calculate Overtime Charges to Give Customers a Better Perspective

Easily enter overtime charges for weekend or overnight jobs. Include them in your print quote to communicate your effective project management skills to your clients.

Round Up Print Job Prices

Many companies prefer to work with rounded amounts. Accommodate them with EZY Printcost! You can set the program to round up the final cost of a job or round up each item’s cost individually. Even round up running times for each machine or process to the nearest 10 minutes or other fixed period for easy scheduling!

Convenient ‘What-If’ Pricing Combinations

Are your clients cost-conscious? Show them how far they can stretch their budget with your company in seconds! EZY Printcost allows you to create multiple copies of a similar quote without the hassle of re-entering the same data. When the client decides to order, simply select the desired quote and convert it to order status.

Separate Pricing Costs for Each Process

If your printing is charged according to impressions per hour, and your photocopying costs by the click, you will love this exclusive EZY Printcost feature! Simply set up your pricing structure and highlight the required charge to include it in the final price. The quick price job entry screen allows you to enter jobs and keep keystrokes to a minimum.

Send E-Mail Quotes for Maximum Exposure

Your professional-quality quotes can be created quickly and easily for timely delivery. And, with your quotes right in the client’s inbox, your company will never be far from the client’s mind.

Long Overdue Logical Pricing Matrices

EZY Printcost calculates the steady reduction in price as quantities increase. Prefer the traditional ‘price per band’ calculation? EZY Printcost print estimating software can be customized to suit every preference!

Retrieve, View and Copy Archived Quotes

When an order is invoiced using EZY Printcost, it is archived in a job record. Simply retrieve the desired order for easy viewing and duplication. EZY Printcost can even archive your old estimates for retrieval at a later date. There is virtually no limit to the number of jobs that EZY Printcost can archive! Use your archived orders and estimates to save hours of time! Compare prices, print reports or view factory notes.