The Benefits

Time is money, and you are probably spending most of it on estimating and administration. Efficiency in the office and factory will be greatly improved, allowing for time to create new business and follow up old leads.

Job Estimating

A quick, accurate estimate is always your best sales tool.  The faster the quote goes out, the faster the order comes in.  EZY Printcost has been designed to do just that, to provide professionally presented accurate quotes at the touch of a button.

Order Processing

Use EZY Printcost Order Processing software to view or modify orders, with options available to view the current status and sales of the job in question, and to automatically invoice the jobs at any stage. The system can be set up to allow multiple jobs per invoice, or a separate invoice per job on a per customer basis

Job Costing

Efficient use of costing data. The value of job costing isn’t just about gathering information, it’s also about how effectively you use it.  If you cannot provide a price that is attractive to the customer, your business will fail.  Equally, if you cannot provide a price that is attractive to your bottom line, you won’t have a business!


Configuring your reports to suit your own requirements is always preferable to following a report format created by someone else. Our Report writer system has DTP-like simplicity and allows you to adjust your reports or create new reports to match the requirements of any department.

Stock Management

EZY Printcost Stock Management software is an easy to use materials management tool for printers, giving effective control over raw material items such as paper, ink and plates. It is a flexible, low-cost tool which will help clear out dead lines and rid you of those mounds of half-used reams of paper

InPlant Printer

Are you doing the best that you can?
When your in plant print facility doesn’t have the right tools, it certainly can’t do the job as well as it could.
That means you’ll be losing money as well as time. Because you’re in competition with bigger printing plants, your in plant print facility needs to have high performance printing technology at your fingertips.

Order Processing

Management information is the life-blood of the decision making process. It allows you to monitor the performance of everything and everyone within your organisation; it helps you define your business strategy; and it gives you everything you need to provide a keenly but profitably priced service or product With EZY Printcost that management information is at your fingertips, presented in whichever format will suit your requirements – ready to justify the future of your inplant printing business.